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Ol Skool

Let's go way back to "Ol Skool".  This buckle collection highlights the very best of classic, traditional looks with a little bit of flair!

classic square detailed buckle

OS 1

OS 2

this ol skool buckle has three different metals with intricate scrolling.
ol skool buckle with rope edge and detailed artistry

OS 3

OS 4

rectangle classic buckle with thin edge and detailed scrolls
classic buckle personalized buckle
beaded edged buckle wih detailed scrolling and stones

OS 5

OS 6

classic buckle with smooth square edge
college rodeo buckle

OS 7

OS 7

OS 8

classic ol skool oval buckle
college rodeo trophy buckle

OS 9

OS 10

classic trophy buckle with antiqued finish

OS 11

trophy buckle with frosted finish and two metals

OS 13

trophy buckle with a pressed edge. motif and scrolls glued on

OS 15

classic college rodeo trophy buckle

OS 17

scalloped shaped buckle with scrools and stones for junior bull riders
traditional trophy buckle

OS 12

OS 14

interesting pressed border with three metals for this classic trophy buckle

OS 16

lifestock show trophy buckle

OS 18

OS 19

OS 20


OS 21

OS 22


OS 23

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